Well the Mr. BestPresident.com has failed riots thus far

(6:30 PM June 10 2020)

Still failing to order a response to the George Floyd protests riots, for the US Department Of Justice to create a decades overdue nationwide police force retraining course

on old but illegal excessive abuse arrest and or detainment tactics. Mr. President Donald J Trump

and other Republicans may lose the 2020 election over his failure to act, leaving the China communist party Obama Clinon Biden fake media network Cartel inpower and in control, beginning of the end of The United States 2021.

From the Editor:

The Fake Media, Fake Social Media funded by the Communist Party corrupt China Clnton Cartel Traitors, actually guilty of censorship who block, accounts of those practicing free speech.

This censorship happens 2016 and forward in to the 2020's in time as the norm for the first time in U.S. history until... We The People end it !

45th President

Mr. President Donald J Trump

The current President of the United States, in office since January 20, 2017. History will prove he wanted to be the greatest United States President of all, with biggest heart of all, who really wants to, is, and will save, The United states of America, and perhaps the world from the anti American, anti God, financial terrorist, AKA globalists, guilty of human rights, violations, human trafficking, and seek to corrupt, for them selves, the world financial markets

We elected Mr. President Donald J Trump because we wanted a non politician, tough business man, not so old, not as sharp shooting, not so stable appearing personality, wild card personality, not straight from the hip, very much city boy, that would, devastate our enemies, turning them to cinders, in an New York City instant, when tested.

We elected Ronald Reagan because we wanted a tough, old, sharp shooting, straight from the hip, cowboy, that would, hit our enemies, hard and fast, when tested


The constitutional Mr. President Donald J Trump, Best President since President George Washington

New Years day 1/1/2018 - We celebrate the long over due, wise executive order signed By our choice, elected President Donald Trump

12/20/17  President Donald Trump, Declares: A State Of National Emergency exists. See the order: Here or read it your self on the white house website: https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/executive-order-blocking-property-persons-involved-serious-human-rights-abuse-corruption/

Defeated the criminal cartel of Hillary Clinton, Democrat criminal public enemy's.  

Congress and senate fail to ratify and send a bill, to out law the burning of the American flag, to Donald Trumps desk to sign into law, and ratify appoint Supreme Court Justices to up hold, over turn Roe vs Wade, Roe law for ever.

All Gods Servants voted for Donald Trump and a whole republican ticket, we now will have abortion law reform.

More pro life Supreme Court Justices will now be appointed.

United we stand together, no more will baby blood be found on our hands.

Voting for any one other than Mr. President Donald Trump, and a full republican house ticket, are votes for our enemies.

For the first time in history 

local christians can soon reverse the roe law, created from the Wade vs Roe Supreme Court ruling and vote out Roe vs Wade, that legalized and promoted baby murder, called abortion.

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1789 Founding President George Washington. General George Washington lead U.S. to victory over the british, July 4th 1776.

16th President Abraham Lincoln from March 1861 until his assassination in April 1865, attempted to mend the nation, saddest job ever, squashing the confederate, slave mastery rebellion, at the greatest cost of life, liberty, and other losses, in every way, our nation has ever seen.

45th President "best President"

Mr. President Donald J Trump

The current President of the United States, in office since January 20, 2017.

President Donald Trump, symphony orchestra.

Master Magician, Composer/Conductor, puppeteer, of Trump team, social media, to the world.

His symbolic symphony orchestra, holds mainstream media, AKA " fake news, left wing radicals, lazy, pork barrel, blood sucking, parasites, completely mesmerized, as their heads explode with confusion, eye's glued on the shinny brass section of Twitter guilty of censorship,a  Fake social media" , "whilst percussion section, keeps a perfect beat, for the string section, as it carves out precision notes. The President master puppeteers, a precision show, instructing the woodwinds, to blow genitally, fairy dust in their eyes, as the U.S working man LOL his tale off.


The man who defeted the baby killer, she devil, modern day hitler in drag, Hillary clinton.
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 Reform  local Christians who voted for Donald Trump, reject the evil creature, Hillary Clinton & clan
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